Fasting not Feasting: Embodying the spirit of Ramadan

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In the name of Allah, the Everlasting, the Opener


Ramadhan is a month of spiritual reflection in which fasting is a path to piety.   It is supposed to be a month of restraint and generousity, yet we have all seen frenzied iftar guzzling, ostentacious consumption unfold before us.  In this light, IMASE and friends have devised Fasting not Feasting as an initiative to promote discipline, community and respect for creation.

This website hosts inspirational and practical resources  for individuals, families and communities to use this Ramadan.  It also provides the facility to coordinate and share information on Flashmob Iftars and outdoor Tarawihs.

NEW Short story,written for the children of our Ummah this Ramadan.

A report on our London Launch can be read here.

Our Malaysia Launch is reported here, and features Prof Chandra Muzaffar

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