Fasting not Feasting: Embodying the spirit of Ramadan

What: Iftar party, with the homeless
Where: Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester
When: Wednesday 18 August 2010
Time: 8.15pm-9.30pm

Facebook event link: Click here

In good ol' flashmob tradition, we shall meet at the benches in piccadilly gardens, share our food and our stories, so hop along!


09/28/2012 15:12

THX for info


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    Share your iftar

    Flashmob iftars unfolded regularly in London and Manchester in 2008, and across the UK in 2009.

    This year we intend to deepen and extend the practice, amongst communities that are strangers, with food that is healthier, a tidy jamaat and a greater actualisation of universal brother/sisterhood.

    A flashmob iftar is simple to arrange, for that nature and locations of previous flashmob iftars click here. See below  for how to:

    • Think of a sharing spot. This could be anywhere from your  front garden an old peoples home, your workplace, the local park, a homeless spot, the mosque...

    • Set a time and date.

    • Create and coordinate the event through viral means, with family, friends, SMS, informal groups, organisations, facebook.  Remember to minimise wasteful packaging and collect all rubbish created by the event.