Fasting not Feasting: Embodying the spirit of Ramadan


Self control and new possibilities

The way in which we open our fast is an essential part of the worship. The thrill of being able to eat can result in 24 hours of food intake being guzzled in a matter of hours. Sometimes we can simply lose control of ourselves, other times we plan dinners and iftars with an ostentation and pride which is unbecoming of a Musalman. Ramadan is increasingly exploited as a commercial window, do we really want it to become just another cultural consumer product?

Our campaign against gluttony and for a more sacred consumption pattern will be launched and enacted across multiple points around the Ummah this Ramadan, to show the possibilities of ummahtic enhancement at a time when the power of the jamaat and the shackling of shaytan helps the Muslim body perform.

Community and sharing
Flashmob iftars are back. The idea is to share Ramadan's spirit of generosity in our communities, by sharing a simple meal and feeling with the people around us.  Check the Iftar sharing spots page to keep updated.

A flashmob iftar is simple to arrange.
  • Think of a sharing spot. This could be anywhere from your  front garden an old peoples home, your workplace, the local park, a homeless spot, the mosque...
  • Set a time and date.
  • Create and coordinate the event through viral means, with family/friends/SMS/informal groups/organisations/facebook.  Remember to minimise wasteful packaging and collect all rubbish created by the event.

Creation and Creativity

Humankind has a particular role amongst the rest of creation and creativity is an essential character of human life. Whether it is through outdoor worship, eco-akhlaq or the quest to leave a positive environmental impression in this world, the campaign encourages us to embody the connection and inspiration.

Fasting not Feasting, or F/-F, is an ummahtic collaboration initiated by IMASE.