Fasting not Feasting: Embodying the spirit of Ramadan

On this page, we host  a number of practical campaign-related resources for individuals,  families and communities. Each of us lives a specific context (role, geography, capacity) and resources should be tailored for these.

Ramadan Rucksack
Practical guidance on a focussed Ramadan,beneficial for health, environment and community.

Simple and healthy dishes from around the Ummah.

Colourful and tactile activity for the under and over 5s.

Word Search
Activity sheet for younger school children.

Short Story
Written especially for young children and their parents.

Khutbah Sheet
Important Islamic teachings from Quran and Sunnah for Friday congregational lectures.

Mosques and Institutions Sheet
Here is one for the committees, guidelines and suggestions for change through our organisations.

Energy Audit for Mosques
A checklist for caretakers on how to make our mosques more environmentally responsible.

Please email us with your own contributions and feedback. The idea it to build up a practical and virtuous library for no one's pleasure but His.

The UK's NHS has a good resource on health in Ramadan here.

For another Web 2.0 Muslim take on Ramadan check ProductiveRamadan .

In addition we would like to point visitors to a great website from the Muslims of South Africa